Derek Mack

Design & Direction



Freshtel was my first job out of university, and a great place to work. I spent 4 years at Freshtel as the in house designer, working across various media. My role included the design of websites, PC and mobile applications, product packaging and internal administration systems. And possibly the odd prank.

Firefly is an application that allows people to use their PC as a phone. I designed several themes (or skins) for the program, this being one of my favourites.
I was in charge of the design and layout of all content across the Freshtel retail website.
As an ASX listed company, Freshtel Holdings needed a website that was designed for shareholders, so they could access the latest company announcements.
Voicedot is a white label service, allowing other retailers to use Freshtel products under their own brand. As part of the Freshtel Holdings group, the website was designed to be consistent with the other brands.
Freshtel MobileLink was initially created under the Phire brand.
Phire eventually fell back under the Freshtel umbrella, launched as Freshtel MobileLink.
Freshtel MobileLink allowed people to make VoIP calls using their mobile phones. Software was created for iPhone and various Nokia handsets.