Derek Mack

Design & Direction



A concept that’s sure to please the television networks, myTVR allows you to record television to a remote storage system, which you can then watch anywhere you can access the internet. One of my favourite projects to work on, I was responsible for handling all of the design work, including branding, print, web and mobile interface design.

The myTVR home page was designed to quickly explain the system, and get people to sign up.
The plan page allows people to compare plans at a glance. More information is available when hovering over or touching the highlighted text.
The TV Guide allows users to view and record programs from the schedule. Program information is available upon clicking a program, removing immediate clutter.
The recordings page allows people to view manage and view their recordings, all at the click of a button.
People can manage their account settings via the Account page. Also at a glance is the plan and quota information.
When creating the mobile versions of myTVR, it was important to concentrate on the important tasks, and eliminate what wasn’t necessary. This approach would ensure a better user experience on platforms and devices where screen real estate is at a premium.